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September 17, 2023


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The entire simulation reproduces itself which is samsara. Through consciousness (vijñāna = perceiver-percept knowing), the simulation and our rebirth are maintained. Transcend vijñāna, we leave Plato's simulation cave.

Most people operate under the assumption that there is a shared objective reality, which is accessible to all. Call it third person knowledge. The simulation confines everyone to the cave of vijñāna.

does your mind generate a different world than someone else's?

if yes, i shouldn't be able to read your blog since we don't share the same world. in which case my comment is merely generated by your mind.

if no, then either the world is not mind generated or its all generated for all other minds by a more powerful mind, i.e. God.

Any option checkmates all conceptiona of Buddhism I have ever seen. And the last one would confirm something more like Platonism.

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