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November 22, 2022


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Nice! I imagine that we are in the big city of Antarābhava facing a new rebirth; picking out our next life. Due to our previous karma, we are limited in what we can choose for the next simulation (except for the study of Buddhism). The good news, in our next rebirth there will be fries & hamburgers, marijuana, and lots of great sex!

The thing about failing to find a way out of this Matrix, once you partially or fully realized its infallible ability to cause suffering in so many ways for anyone, despite possession or position, is the realization that you are going to be reborn, and thus so, forced to re-experience the bullshit of this samsaric matrix all over again.

I say this because however you label your life adventure and experiences, whether you have been a giver, a taker, or something in between, seen from a greater perspective it is all a zero-sum game, where the outcome is merely a transmigration of consciousness into another game of birth, life, and death. An endless reset of forgotten desires, fears, dreams, hopes, and all actions taken thereupon.

Another theory is that we volunteered to live as a human in this world to learn what it’s like to be a finite being that will grow old, get sick, feel lonely and eventually die. More like the movie Total Recall than the Matrix. If this theory is true it would be a mistake to try to transcend the world. Why waste a perfectly fine experience as a human when you can live and learn and help others on the way. After we die we can evaluate whether we accomplished our goals or not and decide if we want to return or not. I know this is not the gnostic point of view that you have where some diabolical being is trying to enslave us for some reason and we have to try to escape it or suffer.

Another way to look at it is that there is only one being in reality which created everything and we are all that one being/mind . An infinite mind creates infinite worlds and perspectives in order to know and understand itself. We all have the same source and consciousness as our true nature. Time is only an idea in mind of God. Everything is really happening at once. The mind of God and God are one and eternal. So our perceived reality is an illusion but we created it ourselves to understand and play. The same reason we play games and watch movies

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