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September 02, 2022


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Think of your predicament like being an avatar in a virtual reality game that isn't looking good for you. The player who is not an avatar, nevertheless, is strongly interfaced with the avatar. The player totally believes he is the avatar. But he needs to wake up (kenshō) and stop playing the game.

"Alas! This body is like a machine, a nexus of bones and tendons. It is like a magical illusion, consisting of falsifications. It is like a dream, being an unreal vision. It is like a reflection, being the image of former actions. It is like an echo, being dependent on conditioning. It is like a cloud, being characterized by turbulence and dissolution. It is like a flash of lightning, being unstable and decaying every moment. The body is ownerless, being the product of a variety of conditions." ~ Vimalakirti Sutra

Are there any specific teachings that reference glimpses of what, for lack of a better term, hell would be like? I'm also interested in any information regarding the outcome (from a Buddhist perspective) of suicide, if you know of any.

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