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May 20, 2022


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To the commentator,

I am an unborn, grandpa, so your assumption is BS!

Vietnam had many good Zen masters, but they all died off!

I knew Bat Chau (whom had since entered Nirvana), a Zen master who was so powerful....when I entered his temple......the 'Juice' was so strong I thought I was going to pass out!

Why are you here making stupid comment?

And why are you inquiring about Thien Tong in VN while the BEST is right here, right now, grandpa :) ??


Christianity? What is that? Some new popular soda-drink for rampant evangelists?

Tell me, from whom did you inherit that nasty little bulldog temper of yours? Your South-Vietnamese mother, or your American father? Considering I know South-East Asia pretty well, I take it your mothers genetical temperament markers migrated into your present karmic formation of that reborn, and influenced that very defensive consciousness. [chuckles].

Historically, Vietnam used to have some really good Thien Tong Masters offering a dharma to the needing that was a bit more spiritual and direct than the one presented by their Chinese equivalents.

At least their expedient blend of skillful tools covered most needs for a practitioner who required a swift awakening to the singular principle of the Buddhanature moving his sack of bones around on a daily basis with the candidate sleeping and dreaming at the wheel of birth and death.

Are there any good Thien Tong Masters left, or have they all died out?


For those interested in Vietnam´s impressive Zen History here is a good page with further references;


To the commentator,

Oh I know that very well.

What are you trying to save yourself from?

It is Mind-only, grandpa, if you catch my drift!

A deluded Westerner Buddhist like yourself is very detrimental to the Dharma....why don't you go back; becoming a good Christian, huh?

Don't pollute real Zen Buddhist teaching on this site.


"That was the reason the Heart Sutra says:
gate, gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bhodi Svaha!"

Son, you don´t even know the soteriological, much less awesome spiritual reality behind that expression and its appropriate use at any appropriate moment.

Keep your views to yourself and spare me the ignorance.

To the commentator,

Look at what the Zennist is saying, using intuition (which most human don't have).

It is beyond the human comprehension and/or scope.

That was the reason the Heart Sutra says:
gate, gate, Paragate, Parasamgate, Bhodi Svaha!

Any worldly theory or mumble jumble is BS :)

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