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April 22, 2022


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So very true! And when the adept finally intuits the unconditioned that faith then gives them the necessary momentum to go to the light of the Mahayana. The more we rely on others to take us across the waters of samsara the less faith it requires to the point where we become faithless (modern Buddhism is full of the faithless, so sad).

I would like to comment here on the importance of faith because in this great doubt, this mystery spoken of above, there is one simple principle which unfailingly leads to samadhi: that is the power of faith. Faith has the power to ward off iniquity and misfortune, to shed ignorance, and to instantly attune the deluded mind to the emanations of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and their vows.

In faith, one renounces the known. In this simple act of renunciation there is no space for thought or distortion to occupy the mind. Single-mindedly in an act of renunciation, embodied by prostration but ultimately of the purification of mind, one instantly bathes in the wisdom of the Buddhas, washing away a lifetime of karmas.

How is this so?

As it is said in the Avatamsaka Sutra:

Faith is the basis of the path, the mother of virtues,
Nourishing and growing all good ways...
Faith can increase knowledge and virtue;
Faith can assure arrival at Enlightenment.

With utter sincerity, raising the mind in devotion shatters the bonds of karma because in that devotion there is in that total sincerity, that total renunciation, only the mind of the Buddhas and how can calamity or misfortune reach such a mind? Even if the body were annihilated such a mind is impervious to destruction, because in the absence of doubt there is entrance to samadhi; the karmic winds cease, the three poisons of anger, greed and ignorance cannot manifest, and in that shelter is immersion in original vows of all the Buddhas to lead all beings to Enlightenment.

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