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January 31, 2022


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"We are living in a virtual reality game overly attached to our avatar, having forgotten about the player and who this player is."

Indeed. Yet the ramification of this contemporary scientific acknowledgment of what basically has been known by the spiritual sages throughout the history of man is astounding for anyone with little sand in their eyes.

For one, it tells a zen student (and those devoted to martial arts) that true "real-time" is a reality way before your assumed field of sensory perception. Hence the true stream of gnosis (intuitive/spiritual gnosis) antecedes your worldly stream of buffered information via your first obstacle of input (your brain).

Hence the reason true masters of the sword in ancient times taught their disciples to open up to their "Spirit" and let it draw and handle the sword instead of their worldly brain that always produced a stream of distorted information, slowed down by an unceasing stream of thoughts, doubt, and a generally unreal perception of Spatio-temporal actuality.

For the genuine Zennist, the great Chan Masters emphasized the importance of stopping (bypassing) the incessant thought stream as to validate the true nirvanic stream of the Buddha Mind preceding at all times the false self, born out of ignorance and created errors based on following said false self. Expedient means were developed to help their students realize this fact, of which a few are known as Ging-ans (Koans), Dhyana (Jhana), Mondo´s (問答, Chinese: wèndá), Sutra recitations and so on.

In this way, once the seed of enlightenment (Gotra) bloomed, like a sudden flash from seemingly nowhere the disciple would instantly awake to the pure Mind (unbuffered TRUE MIND) permeating all ten directions of the Buddha-field, in which the disciple realizes, now beholding the immense extent of its true body, that he never was separated from this pure Mind but only denied himself its luminous glory by direct and habitual cause of strong worldly desires and the ignorance of habitual interdependent origination binding him towards the false matrix of the brain and its artificial consciousness field distorting the former.

Where the false matrix fooled the Spirit of the disciple to believe in birth, life, and death, the pure Mind displayed a permanent nirvanic reality of deathlessness devoid of the three pains of skandhic existence.

In this field, the disciple, having had his first enlightenment (Kensho) gradually, unlearns the traps and false stream entry of Maras Matrix and awakes to a higher vertical reality of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas that goes on ad infinitum and encompasses all sentient minds as ONE MIND.

One can learn a lot from a turtle.

Beautiful words! Sometimes I think the Christian Gnostics and the theme of the Matrix are correct. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one that sees this. We are living in a virtual reality game overly attached to our avatar, having forgotten about the player and who this player really is.

Failure of a true perception of what constitutes true reality, instead of the filtered artificial reality the skandhas deliver to the entangled Mind isn't such an enigma once you break through the hazing veil of the brain via the first awakening of Kensho.

Certain modern gurus in the west like Depak Chopra, or Eckhart Tolle and his likes has conveyed the importance of "living in the now" is the highest aspiration of the awakened (enlightened) mind.
But in Zen, at its truest core, as well as certain ancient yogic teachings, living in the now is and was seen as anathema when compared to the true spiritual reality behind all phenomena.

You cannot dwell in the "now" of a Spatio-temporal illusion as much as you believe that your true self is contained within the confine of your corporeal matrix.

From contemporary scientific research of the brain and its limited consciousness field, scientists have admitted that perception of a true, real-time world is essentially impossible because the brain as such, shows an audiovisual "environment" that is about 15 seconds "in the past" instead of updating your vision in real-time.

Consequently, most sentients are dwelling in a "buffered" reality that seems smooth and present in a now that in reality isn't true as revealed from a Spatio-temporal perspective.

Professor D. Whitney, being part of these latest study of the neurophysiological constitution of the human brain has said:

'If our brains were always updating in real-time, the world would be a jittery place with constant fluctuations in shadow, light, and movement, and we'd feel like we were hallucinating all the time. Our brain is like a time machine, it keeps sending us back in time. It's like we have an app that consolidates our visual input every 15 seconds into one impression so we can handle everyday life.'

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