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October 01, 2021


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"appearance of the unreal" -
to me that makes no sense...

Interesting. While I don't study Zen as much as others, I've come to similar conclusions on my own via meditation and general questioning of the narrative.

However, this article certainly puts my conclusions into perspective. This reality is conditioned isn't it? I find that to be quite enlightening as it's something I know to be true, yet, never stumbled across the language nor the understanding in a way that brought it forward. Thank you for that, much appreciated.

I most certainly feel the sense of hopelessness, I know there's nothing to cling onto, and how easily I could let loose of the rope will just float and yet...

I think personally that's where I struggle the most. It's like knowing the truth yet I'm unable to step into it fully. Anyway, just using this space to burn through some things.

Appreciate you.

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