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September 27, 2021


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In the book I recently published, The Secret of Zen, I go through my youthful struggle to see was Siddhartha saw. But it was certainly worth it because I gained sufficient insight into seeing what Buddhism is really all about. This makes Zen a path of intuition rather than a path of the intellect which relies on words and thoughts. It boils down to what Plotinus said, "Take away everything!" More precisely it means, take away all that is conditioned. This even includes the experiencer and the experience; the seeker and the sought; the observer and the observed. We entered our birth-body by consciousness (vijñāna = two parts knowing) and we must leave it by transcending consciousness. I am glad you are reading the blogs!

Dear Zennist, I am sorry I do not know your name. I wish I did. I would call you Sensei..
I began with your first entry years ago and have been marathon reading my way up to the present, (I admit, I am still pretty far back in the past.) what treasures your entires contain! They are worth more than all the stuff peddled in Zendos since 1948. I wish every aspiring student could find this site and benefit as much as I have and am.

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