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August 02, 2021


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In Zen, whatever you think, feel, sense, or know, is the wrong path to your first enlightenment (Kensho).

These mind states are merely composed phenomena, spawned from a dimly perceived future, rooted in an elusive now, caused by a forgotten past. Nothing more than an ongoing Spatio-temporal illusion of interdependent origination (skt. pratityasamutpada).

It is a deeply rooted sickness of the mind and exceedingly difficult to cure in a foreseeable time, but also the reason Chan Buddhism (Zen) arose as an expedient remedy to said sickness as a shining opportunity to taste the very same Nirvana Siddhārtha Gautama did.

The strange thing though, that generally resides among most practitioners, is that no one really believes in said True Reality of the awakened Mind and thus there is no true faith pushing the self-ignorant Spirit (of the practitioner) ahead towards the luminous reality of right knowledge [of his true Mind and Body] and right release [from his false mind and body].

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