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July 29, 2021


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Finding your self dwelling in a body and universe steeped in sheer uncertainty, you always deal with the limiting reigns of probability in any given moment and point of space.

This painful enigma of inevitable suffering is the grand illusion Spirit has to overcome to find its way back to its true nature by transcending the aforementioned. It is but a single leap of doubtless no-action and yet perfect step forward into the great void of the Unborn Mind.

This path of awakening is, has been, and will always be laid out by super beings of limitless compassion, The Buddhas. The path creators and elevators of the humanized Spirit into the true and permanent reality of the deathless.

Here discovery of the gateless gate [into the Unborn Mind] is the first step in the right direction.

Observing and listening carefully inwardly to its most subtle dharma in your awakened Spirit while treading upon the ground of first enlightenment is the rest of this singular path of the Pure Mind.

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