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July 23, 2021


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Your remarks are very interesting here, Zennist. Lately I have found myself viewing everything differently, almost like I'm "looking through" a "movie" (life itself), at something unidentifiable and indefinable in words. At the same time, life itself seems to be surprisingly Zesty somehow; I keep being astonished by how good food tastes, for example, and I find chores that I once would have hated to do, or would have previously rushed through, to be kind of hilariously enjoyable, a source of pleasure; and even my residual impatience I see now as a "flavor" to be enjoyed or laughed at. Intuitively, I KNOW that I am situated on the border of something very big, and I HAVE to press on, to get inside more deeply and completely. Thanks for what you say here. I hope your health is improved and stable.

The human consciousness and its physical vessel are outsourced by evil (They are proof of Mara´s realities multiplying by any given action through the illusion of spatiotemporality).

This is the praying nature of said evil - If IT does come at you while your mind dwells in self-ignorance, then you simply don´t have a chance.

The first proof of this attack, and painful clothing of said consciousness, is your physical conception in the womb of your mother and unless aborted, the inevitable birth. The following proofs that follow, in the measured life-span ahead, are too many to count.

Genuine Zen strives to cure this problem of continued self-ignorance by enabling a swift unreachability [from evil] through the awakening [clear realization] of your true Body and Mind on the other shore of the Bodhisattvas and Buddhas.

From that ascended vantage point, what resides permanently as thus gone, thus come, is impervious to any and all illusions of evil.

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