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May 14, 2021


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Thank you master Z,

Great post!

You mentioned:

"Zen has a history of being clever when it comes to bringing the student to spirit where thought is spontaneously dissolved; where only spirit remains. But this assumes certain things the most fundamental being that the Zen teacher must be awakened. Lacking an awakened teacher one must go into solitude cutting off their ties with the outer interpersonal world, transcending the overarching dyad of subject and object through intuition."

Thank you master Z for the 'Juice'. The enlightened master cares not of himself but others. He is a Maha-Bodhisttava of the world. And only those, those who can 'feel' his 'juice' are on their way to liberation from Samsara.

Buddha is MIND and is the 'power' that allow you to move your fingers to type on that keyboard. If it is not for 'Suchness', you would be a corpse :) live for the JUICE, and find its 'source' that is the only thing that is meaningful!

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