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April 12, 2021


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I think part of the problem is that many people born into our present evil age cannot extinguish their externalist tendencies -- having not understood the twinfold egolessness of subject and object. Because of this they fail to recognize Zen as fundamentally being an investigation of one's own mind, the very mind used to read and write these words, which really requires no intermediary, ritual or temple whatsoever. Unlike in the Buddha's day there are many easily obtained instructions for metta, samatha, or middle way contemplation if one merely looks. It seems very odd to me that some of today's Zen Buddhists cling to the idea that Zen is only to be found in formal sitting groups, where perhaps there is chanting or bowing, and teachers who wear splendid robes and say Buddhas verify other Buddhas by chatting with them or perhaps inviting them to dance. They take pride in these external phenomena, and even may question sages such as the Zennist discourteously. Because of these external attachments, they end up thinking anyone who does not practice in ways they have observed is not a Zen Buddhist and does not understand Zen. Worse, they fall into the trap of believing that because they have spent many decades doing this sort of thing, that they have certain "attainments", which as I think should be very obvious with proper study of the sutras (which are freely available to anyone), are no attainments whatsoever. They may even claim to have coursed the jhana states and become very intransigent in their attachments, almost devilish. All of this inspires very great pity and I hope that other Buddhists can dedicate the merits of their practice to such beings, with compassion and hope that they may become enlightened even in this very life.

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