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March 08, 2021


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Indeed so! In that light perhaps you could expound a little more on Marx or Islam?


Be well old friend.

Yeti: I enjoy the comments even the argumentative ones. I have long realized that the path of Zen has a lot of instances where a person has to start over after their theory turns into doubt. Then they have to try something else and that fails!
Everyone's comments works in the direction of helping other people to doubt their own approach; to get to that mysterious moment where they no longer have any ideas left; they are at their wits' end, emptied out.


I think it goes without saying that everyone who follows this blog wishes you the best of health and enjoys reading your commentary. Just in case it never got said before, thanks for hosting this blog.

Eidolon: I acquired this body in 1945. I didn't read the guarantee. If I remember, it mentioned something about old age and death. But I didn't pay very much attention to it at the time. I kept attaching to the zygote. Boy that was fun! Then one day on 17 August I popped out of the paradise I was in. Was I entering hell? I mean it's been a catastrophe since that time. And then I discovered Buddhism. It really helped me to put things into the proper perspective so I wouldn't confuse my fantasies with reality. The Zen (intuition) I realized in 1969 allowed me to see the spirit (pure Mind) from which our thoughts are composed which, in our ignorance, we cannot see. That really helped me to see just how wonderful Buddhism really is! Even in this broken down old wreck of a body I still enjoy this intuition. So happy to hear from you.

Thanks, Zennist. This recent thread of your teachings is very helpful. I appreciate it, even tho' I don't comment very much. I am glad you're healthy enough again to continue this, and I appreciate your dedication to it. Keep well.

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