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February 17, 2021


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"For example, is pedophilia or homosexuality right or is it wrong? We cannot say."

This is why Buddhism is failure. Just shove reincarnation into Christianity along with meditation and you have a way better Buddhism, because you have a real grounds for morality. Atheist Buddhism is for losers who hate morality, pure and simple.

In Western Zen there are those who have spent as many as 50 years trying in vain to penetrate the dark principle, only to convince themselves that because they have spent so much time doing it, they must already be a Buddha. With a little bit of luck they may break down the feeling skandha and, still subject to the karmic outflows of pride, they may even begin to tell others that everyone is already enlightened, and cling to teachers who also affirm such things. Although unable to expound even a little of the Buddhadharma when asked to do so, these poor sentient beings fall under a spell of their own making which is very difficult to break free of. Ch'an Master Hsuan Hua said "with that one mistaken thought, he is already possessed by a demon."

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