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January 28, 2021


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Thank you.

So, how does satori (awakening) confirm satori? What does it even mean to say awakening *does* anything? (Hint: It would be more accurate to say that awakening is the end of doing - the end of suffering, the end of the illusion of a separate self, etc.)

Clyde: Confirm.

OK, let me make it simple for my benefit:

What does the word "validate" mean to you?

Clyde: This Mind of which Huangbo speaks is pure spirit not yet congealed into a thought; even before letters and words. It must be personally intuited (kenshō) by the Zen student. Persons heavily attached to their temporal body (the five aggregates) never have kenshō. Mind is truly unthinkable.

Huangbo said, “All buddhas and all living beings are only this one mind; there is nothing else. This mind has never been born and has never died... It is not existent or nonexistent, not old or new, neither long nor short, neither large nor small. It goes beyond all limits and measurements, all labels and characteristics. This very being is it; when conceptual thoughts arise, it is turned away from. It is like space, with no boundaries or dimensions.”

Tell me, how are you going to validate that?

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