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December 02, 2020


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It can only be from the point of view of the Unconditioned that all conditioned phenomena can be recognized as empty.

Therefore, is not clear how one can be anything, ultimately, other than the Unconditioned.

Nirvana is peace. Mind free of delusion and oppressive thinking. Your basic nature.


The atman is the Tathagatagarbha. All beings possess a Buddha Nature: this is what the atman is. This atman, from the start, is always covered by innumerable passions (klesha): this is why beings are unable to see it. — Mahaparinirvana-sutra (Etienne Lamotte, The Teaching of Vimalakirti, Eng. trans. by Sara Boin, London: The Pali Text Society, 1976, Introduction, p. lxxvii.)

“You could even say we have two souls.” Really?! Two souls?

Not even one. The Buddha taught that there is an Unconditioned, but he did not teach that you are/have/share the Unconditioned. There is no *you* that is/has/shares, you are an empty dharma. We are empty dharmas.

Stay safe and be well.

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