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November 23, 2020


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“Where consciousness is unmanifest, eternal, luminous all around, that's where earth, water, fire, and air does not exist. Here long and short, fine and coarse, beautiful and ugly, name and form, cease with nothing remaining. With the transcendence of [manifest] consciousness this is all ended” (DN 11).

Yes. I realized this. But you don’t need to be a recluse to experience it. I was not a recluse. I was living and working for a Wall Street firm. What you need is a strong desire to experience atman and Brahma. And please note you can’t be in this world and experience nirvana at the same time, since they are opposite sides of experience. It’s not just a warm and fuzzy feeling, it transcends all feeling, even peace or bliss. It’s not a state of meditative absorption. its a spontaneous experience

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