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October 28, 2020


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Austin Patrick: Subject-object duality comes under the heading of vijnana (in two parts/vi knowing/jnana) often translated by the English word consciousness. Vijnana takes many forms. It also relates to in & out breath meditation. Duality emerges from the one (eka) such that we are ignorant of oneness. For us the one is only an artifact of our imagination — that is not good enough for Buddhism. What precedes the in & out breath is where this original one this is to be found. Our awareness is not the one but is more of a separation from it trying to move closer to oneness.

I goes without saying that in & out breath meditation is based on the difficult to translate Pali term, pari-mukha-sati. I have examined this term in commentarial lit. quite a bit.
I read parimukhasati as meaning the mindfulness (sati) that is entirely before (parimukha) the in & out breath. So in meditation there is no following of the breath (the Buddha never once says to follow the breath) but rather we are mindfully to parimukha the breath, body, mantra, etc.

Hi there. I'm not sure if you're the same person as Zenmar, but I've been practicing the meditation on antecededness by breath that he describes in his book. I am now able to access the unborn light in each session.

I find that that root subject-object duality is experienced as a single point of contraction in the body, felt as the sense of being a separate self.

Although I'm able to access the light, I'm having trouble fully eradicating that point. I've tried all sorts of other techniques like contemplating impermanence as I'm accessing the light, letting go of the contraction, but I can't seem to make the leap.

There is one guy, his name is Jhanananda, who fully transcended the contraction through this light, and he claims to be an arahant. The late Thai monk Ajahn Maha Boowa also achieved this.

If you've attained jhanas through this light, through antecededness by breath, I'd love to meet on Zoom for a practice session. If you charge for such a thing, please let me know how much it'll cost.

My email is austinp2018@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

that luminosity is also known as

pure consciousness (caitanya)
or "the Fourth" (turiya)

for readers of Shiva Sutras or
the Mandukya Upanishad

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