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August 04, 2020


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Awareness arises with objects, does it not? -- this arises that arises (the object and the awareness of the object). Removing this, it removes that (no object, no awareness of the object). Are you aware of the faces of your ancestors? Objects can be external or internal but not one has any claim to reality. Not even the concept of awareness, not any concept no matter how high, can touch the edges of Buddha's robes. Of what then are we aware, and for that matter, what indeed are we? It is important to remember that the Buddhas and great sages and saints have always pointed to reality as mind-created. Reality is therefore unarisen, unborn, uncompounded. No distinction drawn among the various (illusory or maya-like) objects of consciousness has any validity, ultimately, because these objects are also unborn, unarisen, uncompounded -- being nothing other than mind. Tracing back this effect to an original cause, none is found. Consciousness itself therefore has never arisen. Mind has no marks and nothing can touch it, certainly not the blunt instrument of conscious awareness. The sutra supports your understandings. It also demolishes them. How amazing!

N yeti, again looking back at the Sutra you quoted, it actually was agreeing with what I was saying. So you were supporting my comment. I’m not sure how I missed your point. I wasn’t thinking clearly when I responded. Apologies for the misunderstanding.Thanks again.

N yeti, Actually, I found your comment helpful, Thanks. It helped me clarify my mind, I hope you stay well too.

Aryeh, I am commenting as friends here, not trying to engage in an argument. Agreed it is pointless to discuss semantics, although I really had no intention to do that either. I was pointing out a pathway in the scriptures maybe you hadn’t observed before. Well, no matter. Sorry the links I provided were not helpful. Stay well.

N yeti, by awareness I meant consciousness or the mental state free from objects. The thoughts or ego are like energy or waves that flow within consciousness or self awareness. I was not referring to knowledge or feelings or thoughts. I’ve experienced this state of mind which was unbounded and for a brief time free from thoughts and all objective existence. I saw clearly how the ego or personality is just flowing energy made out of consciousness. But the self awareness remains whether thoughts arise or not. This self is what I was referring to. Language can be tricky. Why argue about definitions? Life is too short. Peace and love

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