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August 25, 2020


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Who sees Me by form,
Who seeks Me in sound,
Perverted are his footsteps upon the Way,
For he cannot perceive the Tathágata.

Yes, a true Saint all-right;

"The early days of Jaggi Vasudev are quite murky. He was accused of the murder of his wife Viji. Viji, was found dead under mysterious circumstances and Jaggi explained it away stating she had attained Moksha. But Viji’s father Ganganna thought otherwise. In his complaint filed with the Bengaluru city police, Ganganna alleged that Jaggi killed his daughter Viji, due to an affair with another woman."

Powerful government contacts in India are always handy when you want to get away with murder. Especially if your business idea is to "sell" dharma to gullible minds.

more here...

I would highly recommend, to anyone still enchanted with this clown, to carefully read the Maha-parinibbana Sutta, Bodhi-dharma´s Bloodstream Sermon, or even the Sanghata Sutra to at least purify their mind from enough worldly clogging and misperceptions as to enable it getting a tiny glimpse (kensho) of its own true nature.

i love serendipitous coincidence , the humor and profundity of it. I feel the joy of the wisdom of which it comes! To this end I just experienced it again in relation this post and this link.

see for yourself if you think they are addressing the same subject. No politics please.

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