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August 18, 2020


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Marx and his ilk don't believe in Marxism, its efficacy, as if they were these saintly people who actually cared for the poor, the proletariat. Marxism was/is only ever a means to an end for these people. Destabilize the nation by inculcating victimhood mentality in the poor, the dispossessed, etc. And these economic and social conditions are always orchestrated. Once there's enough social unrest, after enough blood has been spilled, once they've displaced the country's aristocracy, leaders, intelligentsia, economic institutions, i.e. once the situation has been "normalized", they gift them with democracy or whatever other political system -at this point it doesn't really matter too much since they've already achieved their main objective.

They did this during both the French and Russian (Bolshevik) Revolutions where the aristocracy was more-or-less immune to the perfidious influence of certain Int'lly-minded organizations. Destroy "crown and altar" in the name of "liberty, equality, fraternity" and all the jazz.

Same things are happening these days in America with BLM, Antifa, Alt-Right, etc. Ideologies at loggerheads, civil unrest in a society of brainwashed, purely emotive and reactive, people.

It's always the lazy and hedonistic types who fall for this. It's like their lives are so void of any substance, and it subconsciously gnaws at them, so they take up some political "cause", not because they actually believe in it, but only because it helps to assuage their bad conscience, trying to fill some spiritual void.

As far as ideology and Buddhism goes, I agree with you 100%, but I also think it's important to prajaparamita the more mundane. Unless you understand completely the context, i.e. the society in which you live and its ideological foundations as well as how we got to this point, then you'll inevitably fall prey to it. Maybe this is why Buddhism has become so corrupt. Reminds me of a line in The Book of Thomas the Contender: "If the deeds of the truth that are visible in the world are difficult for you to perform, how indeed, then, shall you perform those that pertain to the exalted height and to the pleroma which are not visible?"

Then modern-day Buddhists cherry-pick certain aspects of the Buddhadharma in order adorn whatever ideology their trying to promote, which in most cases is collectivist in nature -communism with a pseudo-spiritual veneer. Paul/Saul (who was taught by Gamaliel, a rabbi whose works you find in the Talmud) did this at the end of the Roman Empire with his rabbinical web-weavings, completely destroying and perverting all that Jesus taught and hiding once again everything that Jesus had exposed.

Wave after wave of -isms until you're drowning in emotion, incapable anymore of assessing what's going on, of thinking critically, let alone understanding the Buddhadharma.

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