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August 31, 2020


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I was wondering if there are any overt Mara worshippers? I know that many just through their ignorance may be paying obeisance to the evil one, without them really knowing it.

And there may be some who are more explicit, taking up deviant views in worshipping the false, empty self.

I always felt that the greatest act of ego aggrandizement is establishing yourself as the arbiter of another person's life, i.e. killing/murder when taken to it's final conclusion. Or even people who derive (temporary) pleasure and power from satiating the corporeal body via whatever hedonistic desires.

But are there Mara worshippers who would consciously try to prevent one from reaching enlightenment? If so, why? What (perceived) benefits do they get from doing Mara's bidding? Is it just more of a power trip for them, or might there be some more dark, esoteric stuff I'm missing?

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