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July 25, 2020


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Great little tidbit. I'd add that wherever there's this admixture of socio-political ideas (i.e. your "ideology") with religio-spiritual ones, it results in the perversion of both, especially the latter. Taking this to its final conclusion, the end result is theocracy, usually with a messianic component.

We see this in the Judeo-Christian churches, and this admixture is becoming more-and-more explicit (e.g. Dominionism), especially in light of their eschatology. Tibetan Lamaism seems to be guilty of doing this as well to some degree.

Interesting that you invoke the Nietzschean concept of Will To Power. On the spiritual totem pole, I'd say the philosophers are the part that's buried in the ground -that's not to say they don't provide valuable insight into the more mundane aspects of our reality; e.g. how certain ways of structuring society may be more beneficial or conducive to spiritual growth, or at least admits certain spiritual truths, allowing and respecting certain members of society to pursue these things.

Beside the exception of Vimalakirti, Buddhism seems to be pretty explicit in differentiating between the life of the householder and the life of the monk, the latter of which has become quite difficult to pursue in this Dharma-Ending Age given how it is "censored", as you put it.

But I do think that this endless wave of -isms also provides a valuable opportunity; at least it did for me, i.e. after latitudinally traversing the world and entertaining all the various philosophical texts, I found that there was no idea, or ideology, on which I could rest my weary head. I reached that reality limit as it were.

The only zen text worth reading. And only the first essay:

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