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April 16, 2020


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Ardent is currently recovering quite well and is regaining strength on his right side, but is still unable to type. All posts are authored by him via dictation. Other contributions to the blog will be noted with their corresponding author.

T. Reinhart, you just don't know how to read. He said Christ not Christianity and is obviously referring more to the gospel of John (not the narration but the quotes of Jesus) where Jesus says things like "Fear not for I have overcome the world." What need does the Creator have to overcome his own creation? Ergo Jesus is speaking as an ascetic and mystic not the Creator as the narrator eould have it.

The spiritual naivety found in the several erroneous assumptions in this article, tells me Zenmar has yet not recovered from his stroke.

What Buddhism offers, and has to offer, Christianity cannot even touch in terms of profound dharma. Where the former always points directly to that which is unconditioned, and absolute, the latter never approaches due to its repeated reference to an ancient synthesis of repacked Abrahamic ontology and dogma.

It seems the stand-in author was born and steeped in Christian (Abrahamic) thought, studied Buddhism to a degree his limited merit enabled but never allowed the latter to emerge and replace the conditioned contradictions and illusory consciousness of the former.

Hope your recovering well Ardent!

You made it. I'm so happy.

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