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February 19, 2020


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If Buddhism is thriving in this world as you claim, why is it you are so starved for students you must cull the dregs of the Internet to find an ignorant worldling such as myself to preach to? Amazon best seller list … surely you are joking. You speak of thousands of diligent monks? What of the tens of thousands of perverted ones?

There were at last count close to eight billion people on this orb. While the man-made viruses first of HIV and now Coronavirus, and surely others to come, will knock that down a bit, famine will reduce it even more, and lower life expectancy caused by various forms of pollution and industrially contaminated food will also slow the growth in population due to sickness. What’s left is already under siege by some awful dragon arching its back under the earth causing quakes and floods and eruptions, and garudas sailing in from the celestial heavens bringing storms and fires and drought: the result will continue to be more and more conflict, more nihilistic despair, more chaos and confusion until the last remaining spiritual truth will be the name of Amitabha Buddha. Look at the freaks who reign in the political sphere, much less those who preach in the name of Buddhism! Is it not plain to see? Even the best of scholars from the Catholic church only give this planet another hundred or maybe a hundred and fifty years before the Apocalypse unfolds, and those mystics who can see beyond that long-prophesied cataclysm know there is not more than a couple thousand years at best after that. Let us all await the arrival of Maitreya!

The answer is, sadly, this is an evil age and while wise and knowing sages such as yourself are the best most sentients will have the good fortune to come across while they still walk this earth, that is not saying much for Buddhism. More to the point, given your spiritual penetrations and the astounding powers of your magical lenses which can see halfway around the world into my spiritual matrix on the basis of a blog commentary, you must quite clearly know your efforts on my behalf are a waste of time. So save those you may and leave me in peace. Truth be told I was never even here to begin with.

May all the Buddhas preserve you!

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