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February 13, 2020


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Well...this did come from reddit. Have to give credit where credit is due ...


This is the same small group which bans discussions of vegetarianism even though the unrestrained habit of consuming flesh is a very great offense. Did not the Buddha say that EVERY being trembles for its life? I would like these cowards to spend a week in a slaughterhouse and take in those sights and sounds and smells and still uphold the outrageous lie that meat-eating is a perfectly acceptable part of Buddhist practice. By the way, I am not condemning those who do eat meat (or more specifically, those who have not fully considered what that means) I am challenging the moderators who position themselves as the gatekeepers of Buddhism, and who insist upon shutting down discussion around the topic of vegetarianism for what evil purpose I cannot even imagine.

Don´t you worry. Life, with its inbuilt uncertainty principle, given sufficient time, has a penchant of wrecking every single theory, ideation, and otherwise created position, by these putthujanas, to the very end until the system shuts down and reboots in a new medium, as long as there is the slightest trace of attached avidya prohibiting a vertical ascension and right view of their true nature.

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