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February 20, 2020


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Limit the canon to the Dhammapada and all the argument over this goes away.

Where does it get anywhere close to no self teachings? Those arise from the teaching of the 5 aggregates (which it lacks) and from listing vijnana as one of them (which is confusing and stupid).

With no 5 aggregate list, the Dhammapada cannot lead to no self teaching.

They try to force it to by following the variant reading Sabbe dhamma anatta rather than the real reading Sabbe sankhara anatta, which even Buddhaghosa despite being a no self believing moron still says "dhamma here is sankhara." In other words, sankhara is the original reading. And Sabbe sankhara anatta is All formations are non-self, not All things are non-self. Problem solved. Formation = things formed from the 4 classical elements, or as we would say, things made of atoms = physical things. All physical things are non-self, i.e. your body is not your self (because the soul/spirit is).

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