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January 08, 2020


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Alain, you have so far presented a series of stimulating analyses of what you believe to be the dharma with an intellectual thought pattern much alike French Philosophers like Jaques Derrida, Foucault and even some drops of Levinas.

Yet, there is a significant spiritual impetus you neglect to recognize in all your comments.

Your failure to face your true nature directly, explains much your confused intellectual deliberations around a subject, even the young prince Siddharta concerned himself with before he took off from the mind-numbing comforts of his skandhic treasures (his father´s palace), and after much effort discovered the far greater and inexhaustible treasure chamber of great Nirvana.

It is from the latter vantage point, sentients of your humble stature, having suffered so much through countless existences, the dharma is offered on an everflowing stream, which you consciously, or sub-consciously, should try to use to awake from the deep slumber of the dreaming slaves of Mara. No awakening, no saving and the mystery which includes the profound process of the latter will ever remain behind the great veil of your imagination - why? Because it is imageless and no concept, permutation of conditions or even the void applies to ts absolute and everpresent reality.

The best that our worldly saviors can do is to improve Darwinian fitness: a middle-class life for all with some leisure and happiness. (I think that these saviors would admit that they are not spiritually adept at attaining nirvana.) Once we achieve middle-class stability and people have some degree of leisure, then they can look within. This is when Buddhism comes into the big picture. The people we have to watch out for are the ideologues with their ideologies: those dangerous dreamers whose knowledge is drawn from their sensations. These are the people, according to Solzhenitsyn, who give "evildoing its long-sought justification."

I think that I start to see/understand where/why we seem to be going in divergent directions; I tend to want to ease human suffering (the illusory and unnecessary aspect, not its unavoidable aspect), I try to understand its inner ‘formation’. Human being history is one of an ongoing massacre, and I tend to focus on why? And so my main concerns are for those ‘worldly’, for the ‘ignorant’ people of this world, and I must admit that I do not have any more a lot of interest in the ‘transcendent’, even though I did have a lot of different so called ‘spiritual experiences or/and non-experience’, even of the breathing without breathing, walking without walking, no-self, etc… I do not wish to be part of an elite which almost seem to have those ‘wordly’ in disgust within their hearts. And yes, I do know that there are no such things as human beings to be saved, and no illness either, thus requiring no doctors or medication. You see, I do agree that there can be an elitist aspect to ‘mysticism’, kind of ‘us/them’. When look from this ‘elitist’ ‘absolute’ ‘side’, the worldly simply sounds/looks completely insane. But what about trying to ease both this insanity and suffering? My concerns are for the non-genius, the ordinary suffering/confused people as those see themselves separated, isolated. Mysticism or authentic spiritual practices as you said isn’t for all, and I would tend to agree with this statement, but what about all others? Let us say that my priorities have change quite a bit since a couple of years; time to go back to the market place.

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