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December 11, 2019


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As a follow-up to my previous response, T- Yeti.

For all sentients, it is inevitably a terrible thing to dwell and feed on the bleak and empty shadows of everflowing conditionality.

Because the true nature of the Mind is permanent, consequently its evil reflection, Maya, the flickering illusions of conditionality (i.e. the illusions of the internal and external world), is equally permanent as a constant potentiality for the unawakened mind.

Without the former, the latter wouldn't ever be able to affect, stir, or obscure the unawakened mind from realizing absolute self-nature {s. Svabhava], but because of the sheer uncompromising animative power of the former, on any given point of conditionality, in any given permutation of the five skandhas, the latter prevails as long as the entirety of it countless reflections are not transcended and discarded completely.

In the light of absolute truth, the illusory concept of good and evil do not apply, but in the bleak shadows of conditionality they are an everliving organism, forever changing positions as to divide,confuse and obscure
complete and permanent self-realization - anuttara samyak sambodhi.

To N. Yeti:

Exactly! :)

I have no idea what Jung is saying


Interesting comment.

Any presentation of oneself is always fictitious. This is based on the inherent conditionality of any given phenomenon at hand. The presentation you give to the world, denies your own true reality.

"But where to seek it if not anywhere in the world?"

seek your self

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