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December 17, 2019


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Strawberries and potatoes undifferentiated, the immensely rich Mind of the Vultures peak takes no positions, anytime, or anywhere. That which has everything, needs nothing at all.

The poor harvester of these fruits and vegetables though remains at the hillside, always looking for water and light to promote the desired growth as to quench its thirst and hunger for all things and deeds alike.


One does not plant potatoes and expect to harvest strawberries, even at the foot of Vulture Peak.

N. Yeti;

Your actions does not measure up to your past words.

This sentient named Dave B, is suffering in so many ways unnecessary to specify here, and yet you ad to its compounded suffering by making a joke on the errors of its thoughts, and actions.

If anything, how do your perceive its errors as above and beyond your own? And if not, which bodhisattva, specifically, commands such discriminative rights entitled by right of its own enlightenment?

Dave Black:

Well then, here's a holiday surprise for you!

Ho ho ho!


"But if the assumed soul-entity it is not separate" yeti

Another case of "buddhists" totally lacking logic. Separate from what? Its not separate from your self because it is uour self. Separate from the body? This is where "buddhists" lack the distinction between separate and distinct, or between separate and separable. It may not be separate from the body, but it is distinct and separable from it. Why do "buddhists" pretend that their illiteracy and poverty of language is wisdom?

"How can something (a soul) be both part of something and separate from something else (the body)?" yeti

How can your tooth be not separate from your body yet separable from it? Its different in that the tooth is physical and part of the body, wheras the soul is not physical nor part of the body but only connected to it (this is what is called grasping the aggregates in Buddhadharma, i.e. the soul grasping the body). But it still shows the linguistic and logical poverty of "buddhists" that they exult in as wisdom but is its opposite.

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