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December 31, 2019


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The "YOU" you referred to is born nowhere. It is Unborn at all times, Unchangeable, not constrained by the body (including its brain) and never, ever, subject to limitations of any condition, of any kind.

This " YOU" which you have failed to realize so far, proven by your own comment struggle to appoint a specific psycho-philosophical position, through your lengthy dialectical excursions that carry stains of deep doubt and spiritual confusion, still reveals a deep desire to know what you so far have failed to know through right view, and right knowledge (gnosis).

This "YOU" is within each sentient as a sheer potentiality to SELF-REALIZE what is already given as an Absolute reality - Dharmakaya.
To realize this given treasure fully equals nirvana. To deny its presence equals dukkha and with it the regenerating curse of samsara.

I have come to know the author as one of the few spiritual authorities on this matter, online. There are of course others, but what is offered here serves an initiating ground building purpose to grant those with little sand in their eyes something very profound. That is, if they take it on their own effort and the right mindset to its very end, before the great beginning.

Take it as you wish, but the genuine Buddhadharma is never about psychological issues and other psychophysical deliberations. It is completeness, being WHAT IT IS, AS IT IS, and this is the very blind spot in each sentients eye, including yours, where the slightest mentation supported by the hazing veil from the other three conditional elements that produce a blind and isolating consciousness;the fifth and final elements of spiritual blindness.

I refer to a consciousness that you and others have come to know as the body-consciousness and the world it "rveals" on a seemingly flowing timeline, as the "I" know today, "I" knew yesterday and "I" struggle to know tomorrow.

Better trap than this is impossible to find and therefore it is the chosen one by Mara. You may doubt it, fight it, or even struggle to accept it due to impeeding imagination/ideation, but either way, this "YOU" is impervious to any of this. It will simply go on permanently, AS IS, until you eventually stand face to face with its true nature, or do what you have done countless times before, live and perish from the short encounter with the suffering conditionality of this body, and the realm it inhabits by the total sum of its past choices and conditions.

Yes, you are right, ‘true self is no-self’ is and is not an absence of self.

There are many facets (or views/ideas/theories) in regard to this ‘self’.
Some speak in terms of ‘non-enduring self’ but of which self are they talking about?

What many call views, perspectives, weltanschauung, implies a viewpoint. There are no views without viewpoints. These views are bounded and limited and so is the viewpoint; the bounded whole by which we all look from. Now, it seems that as we seek to find this ‘self’, it always appears as an object or view; a particularity, and thus we fail at being able to look at that by which we look from. The bounded whole by which we look from, begs for a bounded particularity to ‘show’ up.

As you are with your daughter, you will (should) act as a father, and with your wife, as a husband. As context changes so are our person/personalities, values, behavior, etc. We adapt/wear different ‘mask’ in relation to the forever changing circumstances. You are not the same person/personality with your wife or your mistress, at the office or with some friends or even other family member such as your own father of brother, you are not the same person/personality when facing let us say a stranger on the street or a unknown clerk in a boutique. We wear different mask/person/personality in relation to the context in which we happen to be in.

The bounded whole by which we look from ask (invites/begs/implies) for a bounded specificity or self which we look at.
The mistake we all tend to do, is to confuse the ‘unbounded self’ with the forever changing ephemeral (non-enduring) contextually limited particular bounded and more or less well define ‘self’. As long as one will look from a bounded whole, one will be stuck in contemplating a bounded specificity.

Weltanschauung, ideas, theories are more or less functional illusions (mirages) which have more or less value and validity in relation to a ‘well’ bounded and limited context, and none whatsoever beyond or in the absence of this same context. Don’t try to build a bridge by making use of the theory of evolution, it is useless and meaningless.

The great wheel of life and death turns not, but if it turns, it turns simultaneously in both opposite directions; bounded/unbounded. On the bounded ‘side’, it is process; the bounded whole by which you look from will beg for its own bounded particularity which you can/will look at; subjective/objective, observer/observed, and as long as you see those as those, we will live in an implacable duality, for we fail to see that it is process, dynamism, that it is simply the way that it ‘works’.

On the unbounded side, there is ‘YOU’, unseen by most, but also the most obvious. You changes as contexts changes, but ‘YOU’ remains the same. If ‘YOU’ happen to be born in China, you will be a Chinese and speak the language of your locality, If ‘YOU’ happen to be born in the USA, you will be an American and speak the language of your locality, etc. Isn’t it obvious that it is always the same ‘YOU’? ‘YOU’, appearing as you, but always the same ‘YOU’ beyond any appearances? This ‘YOU’ is unbounded, and is made manifest within some boundaries; you. Another way of saying this would be to say that ‘YOU’ is dynamism, and you is structure or form/appearances.
If you were born is Russia, you would be Russian no? And be speaking one of its dialects no? Share some of its values no? it would be the same ‘YOU’ manifesting as a Russian no? That ‘YOU’ won’t change wherever it is born, but that limited, bounded contextual you will.

One of the reasons why we don’t ‘see’ this ‘YOU’ is because of our brain/mind is so accustomed to bound everything and everyone. Just try to be attentive to all those boundaries, limitations, eventually you might see that they are all fabrications, not what is. Nothing is bounded in the whole universe, it does not mean that some things don’t appear as bounded, most do, but as appearances, which are limited bounded viewpoint dependent.

A one gets the context, one gets the meaning, as one gets the context, ones becomes a father, a husband, a friend, a brother, a son. The meaning invites a context, and the context invites a meaning. And so are the various contexts in our daily lives, they invite all these roles/masks, and these masks/persons/personalities/roles/distinct self invite a context. In some way the meaning, the father, the husband is already contained within the wider context. In some ways, there are two different ways of talking about the same thing. One in a whole way and another one in a specific way. They talk about each other, but in different way. Bounded wholes implies bounded specificity or particularity, and vice versa. Similar to views and viewpoints.

When you ‘get’ that ‘YOU’, nothing is outside it, everything becomes its sameness, same ‘essence’, at this ‘level’ everything is homogeneous, without any trace of heterogeneity. Whatever there is, whatever is seen, heard is ‘YOU’, you recognize this ‘YOU’ as ‘YOU’ in whatever shape, distinction, appearances which you may encounter. Everything becomes vibrantly and lovingly YOURS and YOU. Everything becomes your own face.

What we usually mean by self is most of the time vague, hard to pin down. And so I rather speak in terms of sense of self. And so what is this sense of self made of? Well, kind of a declaration of the proper conditions for war; I am, I am unique, distinct, special and important, I am separated, isolated and my sole purpose in life is myself as this distinct entity. Just like a Sauternes wine, It has a sweetness flavor to it, that sweetness comes from two origins; one has to do with a mushroom which causes mold on the grapes itself, and the other one is because they let the grapes mature much later until they are really rotten. It is called ‘pourriture noble’ or noble rot. This sense of self if you are attentive to it has this same sweetness to it, especially when the conditions are favourable for this distinctiveness and uniqueness to manifest, you kind of surf happily and with some pride on life’s waves, you can feel and enjoy the sweetness of its noble putrefaction. The sense of self is simultaneously the star of one’s life, as it is the celebrity of one’s life and as it acts as an orienting center (star). It is not the self as an orienting center that is ‘problematic’, but the celebrity aspect that gets to become entangled with it and confused as it. That aspect acts like a very powerful drug, and we become addicted to this drug. Self-promotion, selfies, me first, me important, me special, are all manifestation of the celebrity/putrefaction aspect of the sense of self.

Zen practice when ‘properly’ done, also acts as a detox center for our addiction to the celebrity aspect. But life situations and circumstances can also act as good detox, what Zen practice hasn’t been able to finish for me, life did. And unfortunately, many Zen center instead of acting as detox center are simply promoting this celebrity aspect as one become more ‘spiritually’ elevated than other, or as one gets to receive some eminent or higher status within the group. This ‘I made it’ or must make it to the top, is unfortunate and quite widespread. A dumb ass before, stays a dumb ass after, unless this celebrity side has been deal with extensively and this before or even more importantly after ‘awakening’.

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