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November 05, 2019


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As I see it, the main problem with oral, scriptural teachings, references, and similar deliberations, is their innate inability to kindle and awake the everpresent, but dormant buddha nature of the dharma student as to overcome the immense difficulty found in transcending the skandhic consciousness field, as required initially by the very same teachings.

To the clear-eyed, not burdened with too much bad habit energy from past karma, matured in their present existence of spiritual pursuit, this bad habit energy obstructing the clear view of the way and their True Nature, awaiting once the spatiotemporal trap of Mara (the body consciousness) is penetrated, certain expedient means by a good Chan/Zen/Mind Master really helps. This, of course, combined with a proper dhyana based on setting the mind on a strict spiritual singularity diet found in the one-pointed and imageless reality of dhyana and samadhi (the genuine feedback of being on right track).

Though what you have to say (publically) doesn't carry great spiritual value compared to the true buddha-dharma, which is pure unconditioned light of infinite dynamic gnosis - also known as noble wisdom, it is still good it is available to those with "little sand in their eyes", whom, sad to say, are indeed extremely few on this planet and are in dire need of continuous reminders of the indisputable fact that there is a True Permanent Reality right in the midst of their own beingness, but need the open eyes of a bodhisattva, or, Buddha to not only be seen, but also used for the purpose of sheer Nirvana that is found in the marvellous and imageless light of Noble Wisdom.

The latter is also known as the Mind-Seal, or source of Instant Transmission (because it is perfectly free from the illusions of spatiotemporality)

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