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November 13, 2019


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*The compassion to teach others, yes, but not necessarily to convince or to go around evangelizing one's own persuasion like some sort of cheap religious bazaar. I hold nobody convinces anyone else. People convince only themselves, most especially of matters spiritual. Did not the Buddha warn his followers against accepting his teachings on the basis of his personality, much less "clever" arguments which amount to nothing? Conviction or belief is a transformation of faith, even found among materialists who have faith in their own weak understandings. Yet these and all forms of persuasion are dependent upon conditions, and all of the teachings of the Buddha eventually point back directly to the nature of mind where one finds out for themselves, tests for themselves, takes refuge in what is never absent to begin with. Otherwise the Buddhadharma would become hollow idolatry and intellectual ferment without spiritual penetration. And sadly, that appears to be where this world system is headed.

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