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November 07, 2019


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The denial of the self only comes in the form of "You are not allowed to say that the Tathagata after death (1) ceased to exist, (2) continued to exist, (3) both ceased to exist and continued to exist, nor (4) neither ceased to exist nor continued to exist."

So simply through that nonsensical sutta out, and we're done. Argument over. Of course the way Buddha describes Nibbana as the Ultimate Bliss, the Ultimate Supreme Security, the Deathless State, etc. he is saying that he would CONTINUE to exist, just in Nibbana rather than Samsara, just on the Further Shore rather than the Near Shore. So the sutta banning the statement that the Tathagata continues to exist is heresy. Drop the few (there are very few of them) suttas that say you aren't allowed to say this about the Tathagata, and the controversy is gone.

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