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November 06, 2019


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n. yeti:

Way to lead all being to Nirvana bro.

Let me guess, this Upaya, right? Or the Zen version, employing the bamboo switch with your less-than-compassionate words?

Gods are beings. The Tathagata is not limited to status as a "being". The logic of a creator deity makes no sense whatsoever. If you also claim this deity is absolute, how can the absolute change from a God that did not create the universe to a God that did? That means such a being is subject to change, and therefore cannot also be absolute.

More to the point, what you believe or do not believe is your problem. No one here cares, as far as I know. I for one have no interest in your sophistry nor for that matter stopping you from falling into the hells. Do you want to fall? Go right ahead. I am not my brother's keeper.

However, you come here to a Zen Buddhist site speaking your slanderous filth against the Tathagata and polluting the discourse here with your own abject inability to understand even the first thing about what you "think" you know about Buddhism. How dare you position yourself at the foot of the Lion Throne when a mere pismire has greater wisdom than you.

Yeti, What about the suttas that actually have Yama god of the underworld or whatever questioning people about whether they saw the divine messengers of old people, diseased people, a corpse, and an ascetic? Its clear there was some theism in early Buddhism, including I think a Creator God that organized the system. You can call me names all you want though; what do I care?

You arrogant dumbass.

Haven't you figured it out yet? You won't be punished for your sins, you will be punished BY your sins.

Not the least of which "punishment" will be a total inability to recognize the Buddhadharma because of your slander, meaning no end to your painful future births.

If the teaching about reincarnation were as simple as "you still have physical desire, you reincarnate" without any teaching about different realms you reincarnate to based on doing certain sins, then your position of a purely non-personal abstract type God maybe could work (like Samkhya perhaps). But in a system where if you do X you are reborn into realm Y, then there must be a designer to that system, ergo a Personal God. As soon as Buddha started teaching stuff like "if you commit adultery, you are reborn in hell" he put Theism as in a Personal God into the system, whether he realized it or not.

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