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November 27, 2019


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Well Buddhism and Zen "teachers" eho came to the West specifically targetted vile atheist trash for the evangelism efforts, and that's why these religions in the Western manifestation are trash. Garbage in, garbage out. There is a reason Buddha targetted Brahmins and Ksattriyas, and spoke of nibbana as the goal for which "sons of good families rightly go forth." Buddhism in the West is filled with bastard daughters of single mother whores, and bastard sons of trash families.

Knowing the propensity of karmic tendencies from birth, a proud new mother brought her child to her local temple for the priest to perform an augury over the child's future. Happy to oblige, the priest laid out several objects on the floor in front of the baby: a cone of incense, a bottle of rice wine, some paper money and a pornographic novel.

"If the child reaches for the incense, he will be a holy man. The rice wine, he will be a drunkard. The money, and he shall be venal. If he chooses the pornographic novel, he will be given over to sensuality," said the priest. "This ritual is infallible!"

The child astonishingly lit the incense cone, guzzled down the wine, pocketed the money, and to his mother's horror, began flipping through the dirty book right there on the temple floor.

"What can this mean?" she gasped.

The priest stepped forward to comfort the shocked mother, who was still reeling from what she saw.

"The augury is infallible. In the case of your child, he will grow up to be a Zen monk."

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