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November 19, 2019


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Stoner logic is better than no logic

"The Buddha never denied the atta/atman"

I agree but am tired of having to argue the point. Or of having to defend it against every boneheaded stoner logic saying or mistranslated saying in an infinitely long canon. What the West needs is a school of Buddhism that makes its own ahort canon and does not make the mistake of putting any stoner logic in it. Until then, the name "Buddhism" is pretty much conceded to the Mara worshipers.

The Buddha never denied the atta/atman, especially, in Mahayana Buddhism. Here is one example which is from the Mahayana Mahaparinirvana-sutra:

"The atman is the Tathagatagarbha. All beings possess a Buddha Nature: this is what the atman is. This atman, from the start, is always covered by innumerable passions (klesha): this is why beings are unable to see it" (Etienne Lamotte, The Teaching of Vimalakirti, Eng. trans. by Sara Boin, London: The Pali Text Society, 1976, Introduction, p. lxxvii).

In the Pali canon we find examples like this:

“He beholds the self purified (visuddhamattānam) of all these evil unskilled states, he beholds the self freed (vimuttamattānam)” (MN I.283)

"He [thus] dwelling contemplating impermanence in those feelings, contemplating dispassion, contemplating cessation, contemplating renunciation, does not grasp at anything in the world, and not grasping he is not perturbed, not being perturbed he attains utter nibbana in his very self (paccattamyeva parinibbāyati). He knows ‘Destroyed is birth, lived is the holy life, done is what was to be done, there will be no more of thus-conditioned existence" (MN I.255-256).

The only Buddhist interpretation I ever heard from Buddhists of Christianity is "that's Hinduism." Anything that has a soul is "Hinduism" to Buddhists. Meaning Mahayanans and Theravadans. Not around any real Jodoshu believers since I ain't in Japan.

Much of what you are saying is also referenced in 1 John 4.4.

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