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October 20, 2019


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Thanks for the feedback. Transcending the dyadic nature of consciousness is certainly awakening to the original, primordial one. But this transcending is also an overcoming power, for want of a better term, that allows the Buddha to save sentient beings in all worlds caught in this dyadic consciousness. The verse from the Sutta-Nipata says it all.

To this date - One of your most important articles.

Specifically, this part is and has been, a must in original Chan Buddhism since its very conception in China by Bodhidharma;

"By right meditation; overcoming the deceiving power of consciousness; returning to the primordial enlightened state (buddhatā)". Period.

There are only so many ways one can explain the underlying purpose about genuine zen practice - this, what you wrote, is certainly one of the most profound because its very implication, for those with little sand in their eyes, is certainly earth (birth-death) shattering.

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