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October 16, 2019


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I have been accused for many years of being Vedanta (whatever that means)—Oh, and I see in Christianity a lot of Buddhism. Buddhists tend to forget that Buddhist monks were in Alexandria Egypt starting around 200 BCE. I dare say that there is more Buddhism in Christianity than Christianity in Buddhism. Both religions are about spirit/ātman vs the carnal or in the case of Buddhism, the five aggregates which belong to the Buddhist Satan, Māra. A disciple of the Buddha does not regard the aggregates as his ātman (Pali is attā). Later in Mahayana (the Mahaparinirvana Sutra) the buddha-nature becomes the ātman. This means that intrinsically we have the buddha-nature but, at the same time, have developed a bad case of spiritual amnesia as regards remembering it. Why? Because we cling to the aggregates as our ātman or spirit. So to speak, we put a bushel basket over the lamp of spirit. We must crucify the flesh, that is, abandon our attachment to the 6 senses and the five aggregates which are conditioned. This we Buddhists, as you know, call dhyāna. Of course dhyāna only takes us to the summit. Once there we have to leap in order to manifest our spiritual wings. That proves difficult for most. They don't know it but they fear spirit and the leap it requires.

Thanks for dropping by Rev Keiyo. The door is always open.

My dear brother, I am a dualist which is to say that I am a Christian and a Buddhist. The majority of Buddhist see me as a heretic as well as my Christian brothers. I believe one can both follow Christ and live the dhamma,becuase that is how I live my life and I try to share metta with both. I don't think I can live any other way. I practice pure land and am a minister in jodo,as well as being in a lead role in my church. I have learned to see beyond the great beyond so atman or no at man I can see they are sides of the same coin. Thank you Rev Keiyo.

One thing you still fail to realize is that denying the atman relative to the aggregates is denying idealism, denying that physical matter is an emanation of the atman, saying that matter and spirit are seperate and both real but you are not at all matter but only spirit. The idea that the world is merely a dream or delusion is rejected by saying that no physical thing is the atman, and therefore the reality of the need for spirit to disintanhle itself from matter for real because matter is real is being affirmed. Therefore the false doctrine of momentariness with regard to atoms is being denied.

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