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October 15, 2019


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Dave B:

You have been instructed again and again that you cannot "think" your way into omniscience. You are looking at it from the outside like an external thing, but all things just disappear. Consciousness arises with the rising of phenomena and ceases with the cessation of phenomena. What is so hard to understand about that? You are chasing after appearances, not seeing the thing itself. It is precisely for this reason you cling to the (false) superposition of a "soul" over and behind human existence in an effort to give your transient experiences some permanence. Like all other products of imagination, this notion leads into unreality.

One of your best posts ever. Clear, concise, and excellent. Thank you for this.

Does "Transcending consciousness" really make sense as a goal? These Indian systems like Buddhism and Jainism claim that in the end their Buddhas and Tirthkantharas achieved "omniscience" (which is a very dubious claim, but if true would indicate an unlimited consciousness rather than the end of or transcensing consciousness).

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