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September 02, 2019


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Well, no. The tetralemma is a common feature of Indian logic. It was also used by Democritus and the Pyrrhonist skeptics, and was put to good use by some of the most sophisticated Buddhist logicians such as Nagarjuna. It takes a certain degree of mental refinement to understand why the four-fold negation system is useful. For this reason it is best for you to practice good moral conduct and perhaps some chanting, but to study Zen you just don’t have what it takes.

Koans don't work. If they did, Zen wouldn't be such a mess. Koans merely contribute to the degeneration of language skills and logic that can lead one to write nonsense like "and eliminates the various paths/ approaches, that is to say, Self, non-Self, not-Self and not non-Self" which is absolutely incoherent. (With very rare excwptions, e.g. "does a dog have Buddha nature?" 99.9% of koans are just stoner logic.)

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