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September 05, 2019


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Where would we be as a culture?

We would probably be a Type II on the Kardashev scale that measures a civilization´s level of technological advancement.

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But Buddha taught in the Pali canon that physical things are real and made of the 4 elements which are real and actually physical; his theory was like Jainism and even Samkhya that view matter as real and the soul as really in bondage to it and in need of real liberation. The stoner-logic hallucination theories came from corruption centuries later, and so-called "science" like "quantum physics" is not legitimate science but is a dogmatic atheist Buddhist attempt to dupe the public by semi-secularizing the metaphysics of their corrupt Mahayana stupidity of emptiness and everything being emptiness. In reality we have two real principles at war with each other: spirit and matter. The corrupt notion that matter is brahman is absurd, for then there could be no non-self. In the corrupt Upanishads they say everything is brahman, dogshit, trees, semen, puss, urine, grass, boogers, your soul, everything. If so then your body with all its piss and puss is as much the ayman as your soul is, which contradicts Buddha's statement that the body is not the self. The body not being the self requires that the distinction between matter and spirit is real, and not that spirit juat imagines matter and spirit.

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