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September 24, 2019


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dave b:

There are many problems in your argument showing you really don't understand what non-duality is, but they can all be summed up as falling within the category of externalism.

Externalists have been around even before the Buddha’s day, but in our present age of spiritual confusion, I would argue externalism is probably the greatest single hindrance to liberation from the suffering of the world.

Samkhya makes more sense with spirit and matter being opposing principles. The Advaita attempt to come and say "but really spirit and matter are both emanations of brahman, so are non-dual" or the Neoplatonic attempt saying "but really spirit and matter are both emanations of Ho En, so are non-dual" is not convincing at all. Dualism is truth. Anything that denies dualism becomes stoner-logic. How, if matter and spirit are no-dual and the same thing, is there bondage of spirit to matter such that spirit needs to liberate itself from matter? Even these supposedly non-dual systems teach that this is the case; yet their metaphysics ultimately deny that this is the case, because Mara came along and made them contradict in order to trap those who adhere to orthodoxies in the cycle of reincarnation. No-dual thinking traps you in the cycle. Because if you think that samsara and nibbana are one and the same, non-dualism is so cool and all, you start having sex and get trapped in the cycle. Its why all these Zen teachers and Tibetan masters are always getting into sex scandals, because they insist on non-duality. There is only non-duality with the individual self, i.e. the self meditating on the self, where it is both subject and object. The world is not non-dual. And this world is not non-dual with that world. There is a near shore and a father shore. Its not just one shore with the twoness of it being illusion. And those who think it is just one shore with the twoness being illusion, are trapped on the near shore never to make it to the far shore.

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