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August 26, 2019


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Every day I do my guru yoga visualizing Michelle Obama on my crown chakra while intoning my mantra "Om Mani Pay Me More."

OK, I don't do it everyday, only about once a week or so when I remember during commercial breaks. But still, my teacher, who is a very famous reincarnated Tibetan master, said I would reach enlightenment in this very lifetime after the last set of teachings that I purchased from him. So I know I will obtain it.

The iron eagle has flown westward!

Good article.

> "Already Buddhism is being changed, used as a form of self-help therapy to help the typically fucked-up modern person cope with the ups and downs of a culture, seemingly, in imminent collapse in which the individual ego can no longer control the id to a civilized degree."

Worse than that, they're being taught that Buddhism is denial of the ego which is leading them to have only an id and become even more sexually depraved. Fake Buddhism is hastening the decline.

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