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July 23, 2019


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Dave B.:

I am afraid you lack the fundamental intuition to see what I am talking about. Buddhahood is not the acquisition of special conceptual knowledge, and since you cannot intuit what is meant by that, there is no way to help you.

n. yeti, the world is not unreal; its just garbage. In some sense someone who speaks without technical precision could say the world is unreal in the sense that no form in it lasts forever, but that is just metaphor; to say the world is like bubbles or whatever. But bubbles are real, just don't last. If the world were not real then neither would liberation be real. A fiction malady only requires a fictional cure. That's the problem with the stoner logic of claimkng the world is an illusion. The illusion is not the world but the identification wihh the body rather than the soul. And yet the body is real, a real prison. You're like a prisoner sitting there telling himself the walls of his cell and the bars are an illusion, wo he has no need to formulate a plan to escape because in reality (so he thinks) he is already free because the bars are an illusion. And yet he's still in prison and will stay so because his denial of reality changes nothing; its mere delusion.

Dave B: you are perseverating. It is going to be very difficult to get beyond this idea that there is a "rendering" of phenomena i.e. the world as unreal because you cling to it and have compartmentalized it in your logical construction of reality which is self limiting. Let me give you an example. If you discover some pyrite and think it gold, only to be proven wrong at the assay office when the guy chucks it back to you with a sad laugh, has the phenomena you recognized falsely been "rendered" as pyrite or has the false imagining that pyrite is gold been brought to cessation? In essence, the pulsating erection of a eunich spewing seed, or the child of a barren woman are the same as what you imagine the world to be.

As for the Jains, though I respect them very much, I must say running an animal shelter such as one in India that takes every kind of creature except predators is a perfect illustration of the limits of their tremendous compassion.

As for the Vedas, whether spiritual instruction is found in Buddhist scripture or Vedic scripture is not the point. The point is to what degree these teachings can be put into practice for the fundamental problem of birth and death, which would be hanging from your eyebrows continually if you had any sense.

You take a neoplatonic/vedantic perspective, but from Jain scripture it seems the only non-dualistic perspective they take is that of the individual spirit with itself (as properly being both subject and object of meditation) not of merging into a cosmic spirit or pretending that all are one, and I would think early Buddhism took the same perspective as Jainism, before certain statements to the effect that a monk should not be overly dogmatic were interpretted as denying all metaphysics. Vedantic theory suffers from rendering the world unreal and therefore erasing the need for liberation, and also tends to assert that in some way all are already liberated for all are one and all are brahman etc. Jain pacifism is too extreme, and their diet crazy, but their metaphysics make more sense.

Prince Manjusri has provided the following perfect expression of nonduality, for the convenience of a certain worldling who still doesn't understand:

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