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June 05, 2019


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I just returned from a 10 day vipassana retreat under goenkas teaching of gautama buddhas teaching of vipassana technique he is purported to have used to achieve final full realization and escape from the bondage of shankara creations, the eradication of karmic sins and the dharmic justice of the natural law. I am well versed presently in the buddhist philosophy underpinning the process of liberation, and why it is asserted to be the ONLY path to liberation - because it alone does that which the buddha claimed in your post: extinguished/cut-off the roots of the process of defilements, wrong-attachments/identifications, wrong-understanding, reactiveness, and the karmic wheel. It is said the vipassana technique is all that the buddha taught in his school from age 35-90. That the Satipatthana Sutta lays out this the only way to extinguish the sankharas embodied within all unliberated beings, and that ONLY by equanimously observing these sankharas can the roots of futures defilements/moral trespass of the dharma, of the natural law be extinguished and liberation achieved . I am curious what you think of this in relation to your own path, and whether you see the ultimate need to explore this and experience this oneself. I will add that I got caught or blocked within it by the absolute demand of faith in the teaching and the philosophical underpinnings of the process/technique, without which one cannot truly fully practice and experience it. Faith in the claims are absolutely necessary to truly practice Buddhas technique of purification and realization.

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