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June 04, 2019


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Obviously our Mr. Jung character here is a secular Jew turned corrupter of Buddhism. There's nothing racist or Nazi in pointing out that secular Jews are the one corrupting it. Its more because they're atheists than Jews that they corrupt it in this way. Orthodox Jews have Kabbalah which is NeoPlatonism corrupted in a very different way: they keep the soul but then claim Jewish souls come from The One and Goy souls from some evil source, thus have Jews always reincarnate as Jews and goyim always as goyim, and replace celibacy as the means to liberation with keeping Talmudical law. But at least they don't deny the existence of souls. Why not? Because they aren't atheists like secular Jews are. They also don't call their system "Buddhism" but what it is: Jewish Kabbalah. So they're also more honest. And why? Because they're not atheist. But our Mr. Jung apparently is atheist or he wouldn't be triggered by the fact that secular Jews are the ones corrupting Buddhisn nor by the fact that one of these secular JuBus is the one who said it (i.e. in the Forward article).

Reading the funny comments, where a zieg-heil, and Heil Cheney is not added (but lest not forgotten) I cannot but smile recollecting the fine discourse by Buddha Akshobhya - Vimalikirti to the ultra right-wingers and crypto-nazis here, professing the "right" form of Buddhism and even a god-honest Christianity, free from any compassion towards those damn leftists that seems to pre-coccupy every corner of the current beloved redneck landscape in contemporary USA of Trump.

But don´t you worry, Jack & Dave (Circus-names?) once your bodies craps out and you realize the immense influence a dissonant consciousness, built on condtioned differentiation, has on your rebooted bardo-bodies, which in your case will be like flies on horse shit (impossible to separate in smell or form), the limitless pure light of all Buddhas will still be there all the way that roller coaster you ride up and down as your consciousness transmigrates into another womb, the latter a direct conditioned result of feigned vidya, but at heart, sheer avidya.

This is also why Western Buddhists tend to be inordinately anti-Christian. They'll gladly praise Sufism, shamanism, Wicca or whatever other weird new age hybrid, but they have a particular animus towards Christianity and Christians. This is because contemporary Judaism is not an outgrowth of the ancient Hebrew scriptures known (in Christianity) as the Old Testament, but rather an outgrowth of the Talmud, which post-dates Jesus Christ and the New Testament and is very hostile to Christianity - and to the Old Testament prophets! Insofar as contemporary Judaism has become a tradition that is anti-Logos, it is necessarily anti-Dharma since these terms have significant overlap in meaning. Hence, liberal JuBu's whose true refuge is in their rebellion against Logos will be at the vanguard of talking about transgenderism and dharma, gay marriage and dharma, or whatever other leftist cause is du jour.

Here is the aforementioned article


"I admit, I am a BuJu.

Of course, I am not alone. Not only do a disproportionate number of American Buddhist teachers come from Jewish backgrounds....


But philosophically, the BuJu fusion is perhaps more subtle. The Buddhism most Westerners practice is, itself, a contemporary reformation of an ancient set of traditions. Indeed, it was largely created by American Jews, and as a result reflects their values. It is less devotional, less ritualistic, and less formal than Asian Buddhist traditions — including the root traditions in which these teachers were trained. Cocreated by Westerneres, it is often inflected by psychology, and is largely oriented toward worldly, not monastic, lives.


From the horse's mouth.

There's an artivle I encounteted about a year ago on forward.com by a Jay Michaelson if I remember correctly, who is described in his wikipedia page as a Jewish Buddhist gay rabbi. His article in forward.com, a magazine deacribing itself as proud and Jewish since 18xx, was about JuBus or Jewisb Buddhists. In said article he claimed that Buddhist teaxhers are "disproportionately Jewiah and male" and went as far as to say that Western Buddhism was largely "created by Jews" so I guess there's the answer. Western Buddhism is a hoax created by atheist Leftist Jews to push their fruitopian Leftist pitics in the guise of a religion they want to destroy before it ever gets popular in the West by popularizing their fake atheiag Leftist version of it.

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