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June 18, 2019


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(continued) because they will say "if consciousness is not the self, what can be?" because they are thinking of consciousness in a different sense than how it is used as an aggregate, as Buddha explains so-called "consciousness" as an aggregate as "eye-consciousness, nose-consciousness, etc." (i.e. the 5 senses), but they're thinking of consciousness like the soul. Hence their interpretation ends up "consciousness, i.e. the soul, is not the self; therefore there is no soul." Their porblem is they don't know English. They don't know "consciousness" has multiple meanings in English nor how to figure out which one is meant in a particilar context. Or they're just vile lying atheists hiding behind a pretence of being functionally illiterate in English.

Consciousness as an aggregate is a mistranslation for what is the 5 senses and this is what has people confused.

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