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June 11, 2019


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Also, I’m agnostic about these things. Sometimes I’m 90% convinced that paranormal phenomena are real, other times I’m about 20% convinced, depending on the evidence and how strong it is.

There are many who’re like that. But Ateo’s response to agnosticism is this:

“Agnostics aren’t skeptical at all. They only pretend to be, because they are True Believers but they think they have evidence for their silly beliefs. Obviously none of their evidence holds up to scrutiny, and never have the found a medium/psychic/ability that defeats any real test. They’re not skeptics, they’re just abusing the word.”

He states numerous times that agnosticism is “weak atheism”. That right there tells me he thinks full-on materialistic atheism is the way to go. If anyone even remotely looks beyond the scope of materialism for mystical experiences, he/she has automatically “turned into a victim of delusions, stupidity, naivety, mental illnesses such as dementia, and schizophrenia. And need help desperately.”
He even rants about people who are atheists, but disagree with Richard Dawkins.
That’s why I’m so frustrated. He won’t accept any evidence unless it meets his standards: scientific physical evidence.

I was 0% convinced of paranormal phenomena when I first started reading his articles and blogs years ago about NDEs, astral projection, and scientists who’re convinced of the paranormal, such as Eben Alexander, until recently, when I realized that he responds to commenters who’ve had their own personal experiences, or even disagree with him, in a rather condescending manner.

“Many people fall into the trap that skeptics must be closed-minded because they dismiss their pet belief. Most everyone holds strong beliefs on various subjects. Some beliefs, like religion for example, are believed on faith and certainly fit the blinked vision description in my view. However as a skeptic I'd like to think I don't have blinked vision. Over the years there are many things that I used to believe in that I now completely reject. God, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and cute talking animals are the most obvious, through to more complex things like believing that an omniscient god meant no free will for humans. Now I tend to ask, 'What is the evidence that supports that view?'”

I don’t bother commenting to him, not because I’m “afraid of my pet beliefs being shattered”, it’s because he’s made up his mind. There is zero evidence for the paranormal, others are living a delusional fairytale cranks, and hallucinations.

Glad I got all that off my chest.

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